Why I Don’t Want to Have Children

Well, I’m sure the title alone will have people intrigued and raise some eyebrows. So let me get right into telling you my thoughts and feelings about how I can’t imagine becoming the thing that I was supposedly put on this planet to do. I kept thinking I would grow out of it. Sure, inContinue reading “Why I Don’t Want to Have Children”

Going From Always Being Single to In A Relationship

2014. Yes, 2014 was the last time I had a boyfriend. Until about a little over a month ago. To say my life has flipped upside down in a good way would be an understatement. I am learning how to be a girlfriend all over again. Since none of my past relationships worked out, I’mContinue reading “Going From Always Being Single to In A Relationship”

Healing from Childhood Trauma

As promised, we are starting this new chapter of Lost in the Adventure with a topic that I am still working on in my life. I am hoping that sharing my thoughts and feelings about my past might help someone down the road. I knew when I wanted to go in this new direction thatContinue reading “Healing from Childhood Trauma”

Lost in the Adventure: Trauma and Traveling

So it’s been a little over six months since I launched Lost in the Adventure in May. I have loved sharing my memories of my past trips and the tips and tricks I picked up along the way. About a month ago, I was feeling stumped on what to write next. Where do I goContinue reading “Lost in the Adventure: Trauma and Traveling”

Things To Do Alone That I Recently Did

By now, it’s no secret that most of my travels or mini adventures are done by myself. And you might say, “Oh no, that’s so sad!”. But no need to worry! Contrary to popular belief, I enjoy being by myself and going and doing things alone. I recently went on a spurt of doing allContinue reading “Things To Do Alone That I Recently Did”