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Hello! Hola! Salut! Ciao! I’m Magen and welcome to Lost in the Adventure! I hope I can guide you and inspire you to take the first steps in your own travel journey! I always dreamed of the places I would go to when I was little: London, Paris, Rome…these places seemed so distant and out of reach to me at the time, I just didn’t see how it was possible that I could eventually venture that far. Growing up in a small town, I longed for the day I could ditch the town and move on to bigger and better things. It’s hard to get out from underneath the rock when everyone around you is telling you not to.

My travel journey started in 2012. My boyfriend at the time had just gotten back from an amazing school trip to Costa Rica led by our Spanish teacher. He told me all about it and I remember how bummed that I couldn’t go! Fun fact and just to let you know how small of town I came from: we had the same Spanish teacher, but went to different schools. Our teacher did ask permission at both schools for students to go on this trip, but my school declined. I’m guessing because they thought it was too dangerous and probably nothing had ever been done like that before. Well once my school saw that the other school’s trip had been a success and my teacher asked again, she started planning another Costa Rica trip for the summer of 2014. I convinced my brother we had to go and right after the trip meeting with parents, we signed up to go later that night. A grueling year and a half passed but the day finally came! I remember landing in San Jose and just being in awe of everything around me. It was really an amazing trip and my so glad I got to share that experience with my brother. It was from here on out that my longing for travel became my biggest personality trait.

In 2015, I came to realize that not only did I love traveling, but I loved to plan my travels! College really wasn’t my forte and I still was searching for a career path. I looked up to see if travel schools were a thing and lo and behold, there were. The one that stuck out to me was a school called The Travel Academy in Minnesota. It offered a program that included flight attendant training, and professional development, and taught valuable information for different travel-related careers. I felt it calling to me and so I started the 10-week program in the fall of 2016. I learned so much and made so many friends. I landed a job at an airline consolidator before I graduated with my certificate in travel and tourism. I worked there for 3 and a half years before the pandemic hit.

Since my first international trip in 2014, I have been dying to get back out there and explore the world. My new job gave me the opportunity to start my quest. In 2017, while only traveling domestically, I went to South Carolina, California, Washington, and Nevada. 2018 started a whole new side of travel: solo travel. While I went to New York, Oregon, and Florida this year, my first solo international trip was the highlight. I traveled to the United Kingdom and Ireland. I fell in love with London and Edinburgh right away and have even told myself I am going to live there one day. I upped my ante in 2019 by going on two solo international trips this year! One to France, Brussels, and the Netherlands and another to the Cayman Islands. I was on a path to keep my pace when the coronavirus hit causing mine and everyone else’s world to come crashing down.

Since then, like for so many, travel has been challenging but is easing up. I am eager to get back out there and to keep exploring the world, as well as meeting new and different people; experiencing their cultures and their way of life.

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