What To Do On A Rainy Day While Traveling

You can’t believe it. It’s the perfect day, not a cloud in the sky. You can’t wait to start your day and explore the outdoors and sight-see your way around the city. You are rushing to get ready. You don’t notice the shift in the weather outside. You are running out the doors of yourContinue reading “What To Do On A Rainy Day While Traveling”

How To Take Pictures When Traveling Solo

By now, traveling solo is a walk in the park for me. I have gotten used to it and actually prefer it now. But, it did not start that way. I had to learn the ropes and make mistakes to get where I am today. Setting out on my first adventure alone, it didn’t occurContinue reading “How To Take Pictures When Traveling Solo”

How To Avoid Scams While Traveling

It’s a beautiful day at your destination and you are itching to get ready and go exploring! Nothing could ruin this day! While getting lost in the city, you feel someone accidentally bump into you, you both apologize, and carry on with your stroll. It isn’t until a little while later that you notice thatContinue reading “How To Avoid Scams While Traveling”

Safety Tips For Solo Travelers

When you tell someone you are traveling solo, what is the first reaction you usually get? I could count how many times it has been excitement or joy on a single hand. It is always the shocked and confused look for me. And the next thing to come out of their mouths is one ofContinue reading “Safety Tips For Solo Travelers”

Dealing With Culture Shock

The ticket is booked and the bags are packed. Your trip of a lifetime is really happening! As you ascend into the clouds, you know you won’t be getting any sleep on the plane because you are too excited thinking about all the fun you are about to have. When you look down at theContinue reading “Dealing With Culture Shock”

Making Friends While Traveling Solo

Solo travel is the best, take it from me. You get to make your own schedule and divert from it if you feel like it. You don’t feel like going out? That’s okay! You can stay in and binge-watch a new show. Have some free time? Book a last-minute activity! Another reason I like toContinue reading “Making Friends While Traveling Solo”

Things You Should Do While Traveling Solo

Have you ever been on a solo trip and thought to yourself, “Oh, I can’t do that because I am by myself” or “no one is here to do this thing with me”. Well, I’m here to tell you to tell that voice to take a hike and go do the things you should doContinue reading “Things You Should Do While Traveling Solo”

How To Pack Everything Into A Carry On That You Will Need For A Week Long Trip

It’s hard to think about doing the impossible. You can’t possibly wrap your mind around how you are going to pull this off. But, you have to, you have no other choice. You open your closet to pull out your only piece of luggage: a carry-on. It is baffling that you are going to tryContinue reading “How To Pack Everything Into A Carry On That You Will Need For A Week Long Trip”