What To Do On A Rainy Day While Traveling

You can’t believe it. It’s the perfect day, not a cloud in the sky. You can’t wait to start your day and explore the outdoors and sight-see your way around the city. You are rushing to get ready. You don’t notice the shift in the weather outside. You are running out the doors of your hostel when you spot the rain clouds rolling in. You have a few choices, but you go to the hostel lounge to weigh them out. Here are some options you have when you have a rainy day while you are traveling. 

    I wouldn’t necessarily call this “giving up”, but the first thought that probably crosses your mind is to stay in. You don’t want to deal with getting rained on and having the rain soak your socks and then your shoes get all wet and squeak with every step. The idea of curling up with a blanket and either reading a good book or binging your favorite show sounds like perfection. Pair that with a hot drink and some comfort food and you have the perfect rainy day. However, you are traveling! You don’t want to waste time by not doing what you came here to do which is explore! You make note of your initial thought and move on to option two. 

    The next idea that pops into your head is that maybe you can find inside only activities to do. You bet there is still plenty to do even if you have to be indoors most of the day. You can surely find some things to fill your day from museums to shows! You start researching and asking other hostel goers their recommendations. You have a pretty good-sized list of things to do and see on this rainy day, but it doesn’t feel right. Something is missing. You look outside and watch the rain come down harder than before. But then it hits you like a ton of bricks: the lost piece of the puzzle that is turning into your itinerary for the day. 

    It’s not every day that you get to live out your dreams of exploring places around the world, so why should a little precipitation stop you? While you are excited about most of the indoor activities you have found, you are also going to enjoy being outside in the rain because even though you are going to be walking through the pouring rain, at least you will be soaked in a new and exciting place. 

How would you spend a rainy day while traveling? Do you feel defeated when you see that first drizzle start falling and hear your cozy bed and the latest show to binge-watch calling your name? Maybe you rearrange your day so you only participate in indoor activities. Or do you just say fuck it, grab a poncho, and make the best of it? I think it would depend on the day for me which option I would choose, but I would hope to choose the latter. It’s easy to stay in, less so to change your itinerary, but choosing to go ahead and let the rain not bother you is the simplest, yet most adventurous way to spend your travels.

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