How To Take Pictures When Traveling Solo

By now, traveling solo is a walk in the park for me. I have gotten used to it and actually prefer it now. But, it did not start that way. I had to learn the ropes and make mistakes to get where I am today. Setting out on my first adventure alone, it didn’t occur to me right away that I didn’t have a way of taking pictures of myself! Sure, I could snap photos of the landscape and things around me, but I also wanted photographic proof that I had been to these places without all my pictures being selfies. I had to get creative fast! Here are some of my tried and true ways of taking pictures while traveling solo and methods I still want to try.

My first thought was to ask someone to take my picture, but I also hate talking to people, especially strangers. I knew I had to power through, so I started asking random people to take my picture at spots I had dreamt about going and now I can look back at these moments all the time. I started looking for groups who were trying to take group pictures and I would offer to take their picture and then I would ask them to take mine. I struck gold when I was on a group tour and made friends with three other women. One of them just happened to be a photographer so for the rest of the day, she was offering to take my pictures on my phone and they turned out amazing! This is a great way to get your picture, but some might turn out great, while others, not so much. May the odds be in your favor. 

Another way I thought of was to use the timer feature while taking a picture. I would prop my phone against something, set the timer, and then hurry to get to the best spot and smile while the timer ran out to take the snapshot. I have gotten some great pics this way. I use this technique when I am not feeling the most social, or if no one is around. Since I have tried this numerous times, I can usually spot the best places to set the phone to get the best angles. I usually use this more when I’m off on my non-travel explorations by myself when I’m not feeling my most brave-independent-female-solo-traveler self. Try it on your next solo trip and see what you think! 

My last way or ways are ones that I have yet to try, but I feel like most solo travelers use some type of equipment to get those Insta-worthy pics. I feel like it has evolved from the trusty selfie stick, since many places have banned these, to a tripod. Before my next solo trip, I will definitely be ordering a tripod. And for the extreme adventurer, a drone. Maybe one of these days I will be that cool, but for now, I have my sights set on my very own tripod to take epic photographs of me exploring the world. 

Which way are you excited to try? Did you already use one or all of these? Trying to get a picture of yourself while traveling solo is one of those things you don’t really think about until you are already at your destination and realize that there is no one there to do said job. My hope in sharing these methods is that for your next trip, you have multiple ways to capture moments where you are at your happiest and at places, you never plan on forgetting, but just in case, you can look back at that photo and let the memories come flooding back.

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