Prices Of The Places I’ve Stayed In The United States

Since I shared the prices of the places I’ve stayed in the United Kingdom and Ireland, I thought I would continue with a United States edition! In most of the places here I was with other people, so I will discuss the total price as well as my share of the bill. Like before, I will also give what it is pricing now as well as links at the end! Let’s jump in!

Starting in the Big Apple, New York City! I was a little nervous about heading here to tell you the truth. This was in March 2018, so it was before I had my first solo international adventure. We stayed at The Roosevelt Hotel. It was close to Times Square and Grand Central Station. The lobby was this grand, picturesque area that made me look like a tourist the way I was gawking at it. We hit up all the well-known spots: Broadway, the Statue of Liberty, and the Empire State Building. I couldn’t find a receipt, but I remember we booked it during Black Friday sales and I think it was around $300 plus taxes total for two nights, so I paid half of that. Unfortunately, The Roosevelt Hotel closed in 2020. One property that I was finding that was similar was the City Club Hotel which was about four blocks away. It was pricing around $420 total for two nights. This was the closest cost to the place I stayed that I was seeing. 

Next up is the city of stars: Los Angeles! I took this trip in July 2017. I got to see a lot of places I have wanted to see like the Hollywood sign and Disneyland! That being said, I was left kind of disappointed with this trip. I went there with high expectations, with an idea in my head, so it is my own fault that I didn’t find what I had created in my mind. I stayed in an Airbnb in Compton. It was a private room with shared spaces. This was one of the first Airbnbs that I stayed in so I hadn’t discovered what my preferences were yet. I stayed four nights and it cost me $178 total since I stayed here by myself. The same place I stayed is no longer available. The closest option I was seeing in terms of location and price was another private room in the next town over, Carson. I was able to price out the exact same days of the week and dates I traveled and it was pricing around $320 for the four nights.

Here is a trip that I took more recently in April 2021. I went to Chicago with my friend and her daughter. The Friend’s Experience was in the city and us being huge fans knew we had to go! We also went to Shedd Aquarium and had some deep-dish pizza! We stayed at the Silversmith Hotel downtown. It was in a great location for us since we were only staying a short time and needed to make the most out of it. We only stayed one night and paid around $143, so I paid for half at around $72. For a Saturday in April, which is when we stayed, it is currently pricing at $274 total, so if I was paying half, it would cost me $137, which is almost the cost of the total stay when we went!

Another trip that I took with my friend and her daughter was to Cincinnati. Growing up in Illinois, it is shocking to say but I had never been to Ohio up until this point. We went in the fall of 2020. I was craving travel and thought crossing off another state instead of a country would have to suffice. We went to a museum, an aquarium, and go-kart racing. We stayed at the Hyatt Regency. We stayed for two nights and paid $292 total, so I paid for half at $146. I priced out a weekend in September at this location and it was pricing at $525 total. If I was paying half, my portion would be $263, which is almost what we paid again! 

The last two places I’ll share are places that are not like the ones above. Both of these places I have been to multiple times and I have never paid for my accommodations. The first place is Seattle. I have been to Washington three times and always fell more and more in love with the atmosphere and beautiful scenery. I’ve been to the Space Needle, Pike’s Place, and the first Starbucks! I’ll never forget my first trip there because I got to take the three-hour drive to Forks, which if you are a Twi-hard like me, you’ll understand why this was a huge deal. The other place I go to as much as possible is Fort Worth. I have been to the Lonestar State 10 times since 2016. I’ve gone to Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio and seen and done so much like touring the state Capitol and walking the river walk. So how have I been so lucky to visit these places without paying a dime to stay there? Well, I have some great friends that live there! My childhood best friend used to live in Washington and my best friend from my travel school days lives in Texas! I am so fortunate that these ladies let me crash in their states from time to time and help me feed my travel-curious bug. 

As I was researching for this blog and comparing what I paid when I went to these places to what they cost now, I kept getting surprised by how much more they were today. I guess I shouldn’t be with the increase of prices everywhere, but with my U.K. and Ireland places, there was only one place that sky-rocketed in cost and the rest stayed around the same amount. So adding up what I paid at the time I booked or stayed at these places, I paid $546 total for all four places If I were to book these places now and stay during the same days of the week I stayed originally, I would be paying $930! That’s crazy! Below are the links to the places I listed in the blog! 

City Club Hotel New York:

Carson Airbnb:

Silversmith Hotel

Hyatt Regency Cincinnati:

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