Beach Necessities

Take it from me, a single female who has been to the beach every summer for the past 10 years, I know a thing or two about how to have an amazing time laying on the shore, watching the waves roll in. I need my annual beach time to be a halfway functioning human the rest of the year. Over the years, I have learned what is needed to make a day at the beach one that is not only relaxing but to make sure you have everything you may need while your toes are in the sand. Here are some of my beach necessities that you won’t want to forget on your next vacay!

    The first couple of staple pieces that I bring down to the beach is a beach chair and an umbrella. I’ve had my beach chair since 2016 and it has been a trooper every year. The condos I have stayed at usually have an umbrella. I used to lay out either on a towel or even just on the sand, but when I upgraded to the chair, I knew there was no turning back. Anymore, I have to have an umbrella because I like to stay on the beach most of the day and I more often than not, get burnt easily. I only made this a have-to-have item a few years ago when I fried one of the first days I was there. These two beach necessities have saved me so many times in the past and I know I will have to have them on all future beach trips. 

    Vacations, for me, are all about hot days and cold drinks. Spending all day at the beach, you are going to need lots of drinks and a cooler to store them in. I usually pack a few snacks in the cooler as well in case drunk Magen gets a little snacky. Now, I usually pace myself. After all, I don’t want to be that person, passed out drunk on the beach at noon. But, you know, things happen. 

    A beach bag is a crucial thing to bring to the beach, full of beach necessities to get you through a picture-perfect beach day. I fill mine strategically, with all the things I think I might need while I am there. The most important item is sunscreen. I apply it when I get down there and probably every 30 minutes to an hour after that. I easily burn so sunscreen and an umbrella work together to hopefully keep me from looking like a lobster. My next must-have is a good book. When I am at the beach, the majority of my time is spent reading. I feel most relaxed when I am engrossed in my reading and hear the sound of the waves. If books aren’t your thing, maybe bring some type of sports ball, such as a football or volleyball, or a lawn game like cornhole. Last, but not least, is a pair of sunglasses. I wear glasses and don’t have prescription sunglasses, so I put those babies on and can hardly see a dang thing. Makes it easier to close my eyes and just possibly take a little nap on the beach. 

Of course, these beach necessities aren’t the same for each person. If you have kids, you might need some beach toys and stuff to build sand castles. If you are a retired, older couple, they might not need as much alcohol as I do. But, if you are a 20-something female who enjoys reading and drinking, this list will take you places, hopefully to a tropical, beach getaway!

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