Single Life of a Woman in Her 20s

Oh, your 20s. A time when some people are settling down and having babies, others are partying all night and sleeping around, and then there are the ones that are somewhere in the middle, like me. I have spent my entire 20s being single. Sure, I have been on dates and in the talking stage a few times, but I haven’t had a boyfriend since 2014. I’m creeping slowly to the status of the old maid. By now, I would say I am a pro at being single. It’s not only something I identify as, but something I say proudly, most of the time. Let me share my cons and pros of being a single woman in her 20s.

I figured I would start with the cons first, since the majority of the time, I don’t view myself as missing out on life with a significant other. Getting asked if you are seeing anyone every time you see your friends or family gets tedious. I think after a while, some of the people closest to me stopped asking, but I still get the occasional question now and again. If you ever want to do anything with anyone else, you are designated to be the third wheel. Hell, I think I have gotten up to the seventh wheel before. It used to bother me,  but now, I usually crack jokes about it while out with couples. Yes, I am one of those people that see a couple so engrossed in love, and I make a face. Maybe I’m just so far removed from being in love that the thought of others feeling that way, I can’t comprehend it. Then, when I am feeling lonely, I ask myself how I got to this point. Why am I always alone? Why am I not good enough to have a partner? I doubt myself and my self-worth, but not for long because then I remember the pros of being single. 

The pros of being a single woman in her 20s outweigh the cons, in my opinion. Sure, I listed being alone as a con, but why can’t it also be a pro? I have grown to love being by myself and even doing things alone that people normally wouldn’t, such as going to concerts and traveling. I also noticed that I liked being in control and not having someone tell me what I should do. When I picture a great relationship, neither one of these red flags are there, but I hear the horror stories of one half getting pushed around or belittled for trying to have their own mind and I don’t want any part of that. I have grown into a strong, independent woman and I’ll be damned if I let some man come into my life and tear me down to make himself feel better. 

It’s hard for me to picture myself in a relationship down the road, but for the sake of the story… I want a partner that is my equal. We share day-to-day tasks. Someone who will open up and share their thoughts and feelings with me. A man that loves me for me and who makes me a better person. They won’t get scared because I’m too “emotional” or tell me that I’m crazy. I want to be myself and not feel the need to hide parts of myself from them because I think they wouldn’t understand. They also have to love traveling just a little bit. So until this dream guy comes around, I think I’ll stick to being single.

2 thoughts on “Single Life of a Woman in Her 20s

  1. If they don’t love you the way you are they aren’t worth the time or effort . If they truly love you then u don’t have to change . It is a 50/50 relationship. Communication is a key part of your relationship love u keep being yourself


  2. I guess you know you are a very special person who is loved by many! Keep being you and the right guy will come along! Grandpa Troyes always told us girls there is always more fish in the pond! Lol


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