Taking The Ferry From Cairnryan To Belfast

My first solo international trip was one for the books. I had booked an open jaw flight, meaning I would land in one place, London, and take off from another, Dublin. What to do in between those 10 days and those two countries was a blank-paged book I needed to start writing. As the storyContinue reading “Taking The Ferry From Cairnryan To Belfast”

Why I Prefer Solo Travel Over Traveling In Groups

If plans for a group trip ever come to fruition, it is somewhat of a small miracle. Sure, group trips are great for making memories with those closest to you and experiencing new things together. Maybe I have become too used to the idea of me traveling solo everywhere and anywhere that group trips nowContinue reading “Why I Prefer Solo Travel Over Traveling In Groups”

Best Paris Cabaret On A Budget

When you think of Paris, France, what do you think of? The Eiffel Tower? The Louvre? Or maybe Notre Dame? As I was dreaming of all the places to go and things to do while I was in the city of lovers, I knew I wanted to go to a cabaret. Of course, I hadContinue reading “Best Paris Cabaret On A Budget”

Making Friends While Traveling Solo

Solo travel is the best, take it from me. You get to make your own schedule and divert from it if you feel like it. You don’t feel like going out? That’s okay! You can stay in and binge-watch a new show. Have some free time? Book a last-minute activity! Another reason I like toContinue reading “Making Friends While Traveling Solo”

Beach Trip On A Budget

Do you spend your time daydreaming about being at the beach? Picture this: laying back in your chair, feet in the sand, and the calming sound of the waves rolling in. There is just one small bump keeping you from making your dream a reality: money. You pinch your pennies and you skip your dailyContinue reading “Beach Trip On A Budget”

Things You Should Do While Traveling Solo

Have you ever been on a solo trip and thought to yourself, “Oh, I can’t do that because I am by myself” or “no one is here to do this thing with me”. Well, I’m here to tell you to tell that voice to take a hike and go do the things you should doContinue reading “Things You Should Do While Traveling Solo”

The Best Hostel In Edinburgh

They say you will never forget your first hostel. Well, I don’t think that is precisely how it goes but I like it better than the alternative. For me, my first hostel experience was in 2018 in Edinburgh, Scotland at the Castle Rock Hostel. My friend had recommended I stay there during my upcoming trip,Continue reading “The Best Hostel In Edinburgh”

How To Pack Everything Into A Carry On That You Will Need For A Week Long Trip

It’s hard to think about doing the impossible. You can’t possibly wrap your mind around how you are going to pull this off. But, you have to, you have no other choice. You open your closet to pull out your only piece of luggage: a carry-on. It is baffling that you are going to tryContinue reading “How To Pack Everything Into A Carry On That You Will Need For A Week Long Trip”