Why I Fell in Love With Scotland

Let me set the scene: After a four-hour train ride from London to Edinburgh, I stepped onto the platform at Waverley Station. On my first international solo trip, this next city was one that I didn’t know much about. Heck, the only reason I choose to make this part of my itinerary was because myContinue reading “Why I Fell in Love With Scotland”

Prices Of The Places I’ve Stayed In The United Kingdom and Ireland

We all love a good deal. My favorite kinds are the ones you find while planning a trip. Cheaper flights or bargains on accommodations, it doesn’t matter. As long as it checks all my boxes, I will be happy. The popular belief is that travel has to be expensive, but for me, that is notContinue reading “Prices Of The Places I’ve Stayed In The United Kingdom and Ireland”

Taking The Ferry From Cairnryan To Belfast

My first solo international trip was one for the books. I had booked an open jaw flight, meaning I would land in one place, London, and take off from another, Dublin. What to do in between those 10 days and those two countries was a blank-paged book I needed to start writing. As the storyContinue reading “Taking The Ferry From Cairnryan To Belfast”

The Best Hostel In Edinburgh

They say you will never forget your first hostel. Well, I don’t think that is precisely how it goes but I like it better than the alternative. For me, my first hostel experience was in 2018 in Edinburgh, Scotland at the Castle Rock Hostel. My friend had recommended I stay there during my upcoming trip,Continue reading “The Best Hostel In Edinburgh”